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Prepare my departure from my budapest apartment

Updated: May 4, 2021


Below you will find the tips to follow when leaving your apartment. They will allow you to understand the maintenance and repairs that are frequently the subject of rental deductions, in order to optimize the return of your security deposit.


PLUMBING: Repair: water leaks (tap gaskets, shower hoses, siphons) and blockages of the silicone gaskets and gaskets of all the toilets (elasticity, whiteness, etc.) Check: the correct functioning of the general housing shut-off valve and the correct operation of the radiator valves.

ELECTRICITY: Remember to replace all defective bulbs. Reseal or replace electrical outlets and switches.

LOCKS: Check the number of keys, badges and magnetic cards and their assignments. Replace if one is missing or defective. - The good working condition of blinds, roller shutters and shutters. - The good condition of the cupboard doors.

GENERAL CONDITION: Check the condition of any storage space and the mailbox (space, locks, door, etc.). The repair of any damage done to the walls or wallpaper and replace them when necessary. Floor coverings, to be replaced when necessary.

CLEANING: Remember to do a complete cleaning of the home without forgetting the dust under the furniture and inside the cupboards. - Cleaning of doors, baseboards, window frames, handles and switches. - Cleaning of aeration and ventilation openings (CMV). - Descaling of the WC bowl, fittings and sanitary facilities. The cleaning of the drains (shower, bath, washbasin and hand basin) and siphons (washbasin and hand basin). - Floor cleaning, window cleaning, blinds, shutters. - Cleaning of tiles and floors. - Cleaning of extractor hoods and replacement of filters. - Cleaning and of all bed sets, towels and household linens. - Cleaning of duvets and pillows. - The cleaning of the curtains. - Cleaning of all furniture, including the exterior, if necessary.

FURNITURE: Replace all dishes, kitchen utensils, objects and furniture that have been broken. - Replace the vacuum cleaner filters. - Clean the filters of the dryer and the dishwasher. - Clean the detergent drawer of the washing machine. - Clean household appliances (hotplates, oven, microwave, kettle, coffee machine, fridge, etc.) - Defrost the freezer.

EXTERIOR: Any bulky items on balconies, terraces, cellars, and outbuildings must be cleared. Dead shrubs and plants should be replaced. The outdoor furniture belonging to you must be removed.

MY STATUS MEETING: IS IT FOR ME TO MAKE A MEETING? You should contact your Story's Budapest manager to arrange a meeting date and time. During this meeting, an exit inventory will be established and signed jointly. A meter reading will be completed out to carry out a regularization of charges. Your Story's Budapest manager will compare the exit inventory to your entry inventory: this analysis may reveal any rental deductions.

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