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Maximize your Budapest apartment investment with Story's.
Our rental management services include rent collection, tenant screening, property maintenance and more.

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This pictogram shows our reliable tenant search services for your Budapest property


This pictogram shows Story's Real Estate's comprehensive administrative management services, handling all necessary paperwork and legal requirements for your Budapest property


This pictogram represents Story's Real Estate's rental management services, including timely collection and distribution of rent payments for your Budapest property


This pictogram shows Story's Real Estate's housing maintenance services for your Budapest property, ensuring it is always in top condition for tenants


This pictogram shows Story's Real Estate's reliable rent collection and distribution services for your Budapest property


This pictogram shows Story's Real Estate's report editing services, providing clear and concise reports on your Budapest property's performance


Our management services 
are efficient and transparent.

Our fees

Our tenant search and rental management fees are among the most competitive on the market.

Search tenant fees:

At the expense of the owner :

1 month's rent (Tax incl)

Fees charged to the tenant :


Management fees:

Net rent less than or equal to HUF 300,000 (800 €) per month :

10 % Tax included



Net rent higher than HUF 300,000 (€ 800) per month

and less than or equal to HUF 570,000 (€ 1,500):

8,5 % Taxes included


Net rent higher than HUF 570,000 (€ 1,500) per month

7,5 % Taxes included

Rental tenant search by Story's Budapest

Rental tenant search

  • Photographs by a professional

  • Promotion of the property (our networks, universities, companies, etc.)

  • Search for a tenant

  • Visits

  • Advice and negotiation

  • Receiving of the potential tenant's rental dossier

  • Presentation of the rental dossier

  • Drafting of the lease

  • Drafting of the inventory of entry and exit

Tailor made rental

  • Collection of rent and charges with monthly receipt from the tenant

  • Payment of co-ownership charges to the trustee

  • Payment of charges related to the apartment: insurance, electricity, gas, water and internet

  • Payment of Hungarian taxes

  • Monthly rental payments excluding charges
    to the owner

  • Provision of a detailed management statement

  • Annual rent review and adjustment

  • Housing maintenance (repairs, etc.)

  • Management of all exchanges with the tenant

Tailor made rental management by Story's Budapest

The team

At Story's Real Estate Budapest, our team consists of highly skilled multilingual professionals who are dedicated to offering you the best possible service. Our Hungarian, English, and French-speaking staff provide personalized property management solutions to both local and international clients, while our extensive professional network ensures that we can handle all your property-related needs. 

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